Self-Service Inventory, Implement & Deployment (3 Days)

Future Processing S.A.

Speed-up your inventory process and involve your employees into it!

Improve your asset inventory process and make it as close as possible to your employees!

Self-Service Inventory [SSI] is a solution that enables verification of assets assigned to your employees. How it works?

  1. SSI gets data from your inventory system*.
  2. All your employees (based on Entra ID and group membership) are getting notified with list of assigned assets.
  3. Employees can confirm list of their assets or reject them with providing what's not correct (if they don't, they are notified to do so!).
  4. Information from employee is stored in internal database (Dataverse) and response (if rejected) is send as ticket to help desk system*.

Self-Service Inventory start can be performed manually or can be scheduled.

What you get?

  • solution with prepared Power Automate Flows (lifetime);
  • deployment of above in your tenant;
  • our help in integrating it with GLPI.
  • GLPI (open source) support is available out of the box.

We can help you with integration with your inventory system. Just contact us: or

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