3 Day Sustainability Assessment for Manufacturing & CPG

ITC Infotech India Limited

Offering helps build digital framework for Sustainability for Manufacturing & Consumer enterprises and covers data collection, governance and reporting aspects of Emissions, Energy , Waste & Water.

The Issue : As awareness around sustainability mainstreams its way across the world, enterprises need to increasingly be aware of the various regulations & reporting frameworks around extant regulations across regions they operate in . Trusted data is required for external disclosures. The imperatives are abstracted with broad classification into 2 categories – the here-and-now problems & emerging asks. In the first category are issues around manual efforts during data entry, aggregation of data, usage of excel sheets, structure related issues (people do not have access to system where data originates), manual interventions on data even though same exists in some IT system, important aspect around auditability and trust on the data and ability to do basic analytics & visualizations. Enterprise class solutions like MES or IoT based Digital Factory solutions do not have significant capabilities on the Sustainability front. The second category is around emerging needs for the supply chain, capabilities for climate risk assessment and Life cycle assessment. Also, there is a frequency increase in reporting and newer disclosure requirements.

This offer here is put up to consult & help customers on their sustainability journey and those looking for technology platforms to enable them in their endeavor. It is for customers who are: (a) Contemplating initiating the sustainability journey on technology data platforms, or (b) Have embarked on the journey but need a helping hand to guide in the same and help build platform.

Methodology: Onsite & Workshop based that includes sessions on: (a) As-Is Understanding – this will include overview of current processes, challenges & bottlenecks, data types & collection methods, data sources, related IT Systems, reporting organization structure and roles involved; (b) The To-Be Aspirations – in discussion with executive sponsor and SMEs to secure the voice of customer; (c) Documentation of Gaps & Potential Value areas in Emission, Energy, Water & Waste; (d) Validating understanding with our customer. Duration of Engagement: 3 Days

Deliverable from the Engagement: (a) Overall Approach Identified for Solution; (b) Proposal

Expectations from Customer during the Engagement: (a) Availability of SMEs to articulate the current state and aspirations in the four functional areas identified above; (b) Availability of sponsor to articulate their expectations on future state and solution

We also provide our customers with an option to complement & extend this offer with a detailed process study, process mapping, gap analysis, to-be process and a proof-of-concept digital solution to demonstrate some of the key use cases. This option is for 4 – 6 weeks duration.

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