Logicalis Digital Workplace (DWP) - 2 weeks Implementation


Logicalis Managed Services provides full service monitoring and management of digital workplace that empowering employee in using digital technologies to collaborate freely and improved performance

Empower employees with digital collaboration.

As Architects of ChangeTM we help customers build a workplace with digital technologies that balances productivity with employee empowerment, supporting staff with enhanced collaboration experiences and the ability to innovate.

A new generation of employees, not bound by physical boundaries, who value greater flexibility in their work, is forcing leaders to adopt solutions that are focused on employees themselves, their experiences and their ability to work whenever and wherever they are. At Logicalis, we build a digital workplace for a digital generation by embedding digital into your workplace platforms, processes and culture. Provide collaboration that inspires real-time productivity and teamwork and communications that connect people to their purpose.

For companies that are yet to start their digital transformation journey, it’s important to consider where the organisation currently is and where it needs to be, before taking the first step towards building a digital workplace that will Technology is one part of this puzzle. Organisations that invest in new tools and technologies that encourage greater collaboration and more streamlined communication will be better placed to support a more efficient workforce.

The Logicalis Collaboration Suite enables employees to collaborate effectively and provides management with clear benchmarking and analytics to track adoption and measure success. Logicalis Collaboration suite is built on 6 pillars to drive maximum engagement and collaboration within your organisation:

  • Teamwork and content collaboration: workplaces that enable real-time conversations and content collaboration.
  • Meetings and communications: borderless meetings and hybrid conferencing.
  • Technology analytics: intelligent device analytics to determine engagement and productivity of digital workforce.
  • Security: Security built into your digital fabric using our Secure OnMesh solution.
  • Mobility: Secure remote access with virtual desktop and device management.
  • Ongoing adoption: continued user adoption monitoring and change management.
  • A mapping of these six pillars to Logicalis Managed Collaboration suite is summarised as follows together with brief service description:

  • Service Desk: Logicalis Service Desk provides 24x7 support for customers’ employees technical engineers for handling Service Desk delivery through an IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice framework.
  • Endpoint Management: Logicalis Endpoint Management service provides end-to-end management of end user device experience. This includes proactive and continuous monitoring of user device telemetry (endpoint analytics) and ongoing maintenance of Windows endpoint OS to deliver optimal user experience.
  • Managed Microsoft 365: Ongoing support and administration of Microsoft 365 online apps to improve organisations overall collaboration score
  • Managed Endpoint Security: Ongoing support and administration of supported endpoint security solution and improve overall security posture
  • Managed Identity: Ongoing support and administration of supported identity systems and platforms to secure and improve user experience
  • Meeting & Communication: Ongoing support of supported meeting platforms including Live events with SLA based support of meeting room equipment / devices
  • Logicalis’ Monitored & Managed Services provides full-service monitoring and management of customer’s configuration items. Managed Services includes Event Monitoring, Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Reporting, Portal access etc. The scope of the service managed by Logicalis as follows:

  • Monitoring & Event Management: Monitoring Configuration Items, and Classifying and Routing Alarms
  • Request Fulfilment: Request Submissions and Fulfilment Processing
  • Incident Management: Procedural Resolution of Issues with Escalations and SLAs
  • Problem Management: Root Cause Discovery and Resolution Planning
  • Change Management: Managing Changes for CI Configurations, Settings etc
  • Crisis Management: Critical Incident Management
  • At Logicalis, we help you get things right the first time, so you can realize value in a short timeframe, and then support you along the journey to ensure continuous improvement. We provide the complete journey from Align, Transform and Scale.

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