Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms: 6 weeks Implementation


Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Implementation

Provides Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms Implementation with a holistic approach to have simplified Teams Meeting capability and higher quality Meeting experience

Empower employees with digital collaboration – Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

As Architects of ChangeTM we help customers build a workplace with digital technologies that balances productivity with employee empowerment, supporting staff with enhanced collaboration experiences and the ability to innovate.

A new generation of employees, not bound by physical boundaries, who value greater flexibility in their work, is forcing leaders to adopt solutions that are focused on employees themselves, their experiences and their ability to work whenever and wherever they are. At Logicalis, we build a digital workplace for a digital generation by embedding digital into your workplace platforms, processes and culture. Provide collaboration that inspires real-time productivity and teamwork and communications that connect people to their purpose.

Microsoft Teams is the number one technology for any company transitioning to an age of hybrid work, remote collaboration, and communications.

Meetings have always been the cornerstone of teamwork. People who are dependent on each other to achieve shared goals inevitably gather to connect, align, and drive progress. In fact, meetings are so vital that most of the time during a typical workday is spent in meetings. Estimates range greatly depending on your industry and type of job.

Microsoft Teams meetings help people stay focused and be more productive before, during and after meetings, so your teams save time and accomplish more together. Meeting space solutions play a vital role in facilitating collaboration, and many of today’s room systems offer basic capabilities designed primarily for people who are physically present. Microsoft Teams Rooms help remove the barriers between spaces, places, and people and are thoughtfully designed to deliver inclusive meeting experiences with all participants in mind. Teams Rooms turn any meeting room into an easy-to-manage and inclusive space where everyone can collaborate without compromise. Essential for transitioning to a Modern Work environment, the system can be used from your mobile, computer and dedicated Teams Meeting Devices.

Scopes covered:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Network readiness
  • Environment and site analysis
  • Use case and scenario discovery
  • Procurement and Delivery
  • Reports and recommendations
  • Go-Live and Post Go-Live Support
  • Optional Services available as Add-on: Microsoft License procurement, Training (End-User and Admin), User Adoption to Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

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