ScreenShare45 1-Hour Workshop

Logics Technology Solutions Inc

ScreenShare45 1-Hour Workshop service allows you to connect with a technology specialist on a live 1 hour call with video screenshare to help support you through your technology project.

ScreenShare45 1-Hour Workshop is a service designed to help IT administrators take on Cloud IT infrastructure projects that include Microsoft 365 workloads with confidence. Logics Technology is comprised of IT experts that have much experience with Microsoft 365 Cloud Tools. IT administrators face a number difficult scenarios for which they need guidance. For instance, our 1 hour consultation is effective for deployment of Microsoft Teams for schools and business entities unfamiliar with deploying the Microsoft 365 workloads. The ScreenShare45 1-Hour consultations are designed to cater to your specific organizational needs. Our highly certified IT experts are here to understand your particular environment and provide the best solution.


  1. Analysis of Technical Environment
  • Learn industry best practice for different IT scenarios
  1. Analysis of Organizational Needs
  • Report of current organizational environment
  1. Proposal of Technical Solutions
  • Technical solutions and Options
  1. Live IT Setup and Walkthrough Live IT Engineering Changes to your IT infrastructure

  2. Testing and Troubleshooting

  • Establish confidence in your IT infrastructure

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