LTIMindtree Modern Work SharePoint Migration Services - 4 Weeks Assessment followed by Estimated duration of Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

LTIMindtree’s Collaboration practice can help you migrate & transform data and applications to modern SharePoint platform.

With an extensive 15 years of migration experience, LTIMindtree’s Collaboration practice offers end-to-end services to migrate & transform data and applications to modern SharePoint platform. Our team will work with you to understand your challenges and priorities to design and recommend a best solution that meets your objectives.

Customer need or pain that the offer addresses.

• End of support and no security updates to older versions of SharePoint • On-Premise sites/apps not accessible anywhere-anytime over internet • Legacy/classic apps not compatible with modern browsers • Heavy recurring licensing cost of legacy platform • Dependency on legacy /outdated third-party solutions • Legacy platform Impede effective communication and collaboration

Value Proposition.

• LTIM being Microsoft Solution Partner can help you rapidly and readily access technical support, as many tools and resources are only accessible through the partner portal. • LTIM’s expertise in providing end-to-end services, help ensure your migration /transformation journey is smooth and complete • LTIM’s skilled and certified professionals ensure scalable, maintainable and quality transformation • LTIM’s P2P migration & application modernization factory, accelerate end-to-end migrations and saves ~20-30% efforts.

Disclaimer - Assessment followed by implementation depends on size and level of customization. Approx. ~3-6 months for 1TB – 3TB.

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