Microsoft Fabric: Accelerated 8-Week Pilot Implementation

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Kickstart your adoption of Microsoft Fabric with our 8-week tailored implementation.

With the evolving demands of modern business, streamlining operations and optimizing resources is critical. Microsoft Fabric and its all-in-one capabilities enter as a solution to this challenge. Introducing our 8-week pilot solution implementation with Microsoft Fabric program. Each implementation is custom designed to address your unique business needs. Our expert team ensures that you understand the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, simplifies the process of implementation, and provides seamless integration into your existing infrastructure, enabling you to tap into its full potential.

Target Customers

  • Business Owners and Leaders
  • IT Managers and Professionals
  • Technology Decision-Makers
  • Technical Architects


Week 1-2: Discovery and Planning

  • Understand your organization's goals and requirements.
  • Assess your current environment and architecture.
  • Document the existing landscape.
  • Define the scope and objectives of the Microsoft Fabric implementation targeted for the pilot implementation.
  • Formulate a pilot implementation plan with timelines and milestones.

Week 3-7: Pilot Implementation

  • Configure Microsoft Fabric to showcase an end-to-end pipeline from extraction to reporting.
  • Conduct initial tests for stability and performance.
  • Address any potential issues or challenges proactively.
  • Implement security and compliance measures for improved protection.
  • Benchmark the setup for efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Week 8: Final Readout, Training, Knowledge Transfer, and Review

  • Provide training on managing and maintaining Microsoft Fabric.
  • Review the implementation against the original objectives.
  • Provide a blueprint for post-implementation monitoring and adjustments.


  • Pilot Project: A pilot project demonstrating Microsoft Fabric's capabilities, including a Power BI report, a data model, related data pipelines, and other capabilities to improve organizational operations.
  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation of the key capabilities requested as part of the scope.
  • Architecture and Associated Costs Design: Design of scalable Microsoft Fabric architecture based on your data needs, with the associated costs detailed, ensuring alignment with future growth.


  • Understand an end-to-end implementation of Microsoft Fabric aligned to the Well-Architected Framework guidelines.
  • Empower your team with Microsoft Fabric expertise through customized implementation and knowledge sharing.
  • Receive expert guidance on implementing Microsoft Fabric while adhering to best practices.

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