Modern Management: 4 week Implementation

Mobile Mentor

Modern Management is a Microsoft 365 focused managed service that reduces cost, improves security and delights employees!

Modern Management is an IT operating model for companies who have a mobile workforce using Microsoft 365. It is a radically different service model and frees up IT teams to be more proactive!

Here is our 3-phase process to implement Modern Management:

  1. assess, 2) implement and 3) manage change.

Some of the changes are really attractive, like Zero-Touch Provisioning - so you don't have to manually provision desktops and laptops, or over-the-air software updates without needing to be inside the domain, and Password-less Authentication to get away from the nightmare where knowledge workers have 97 passwords.

The operational benefits of Modern Endpoint Management are huge:

Lowers cost - by eliminating most manual processes

Improves security – by managing all devices in Microsoft Intune

Delights employees – by working securely without a VPN

How proactive could your team be if they never have to image new machines, manage Windows updates or do manual password resets?

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