NCS Power BI Design Workshop


Effective dashboards give alignment and action. Determine the most effective UI design to drive business.

Effective dashboards give alignment and action. Using Power BI, determine the most effective form/UI to help drive improvements in business performance.

At the end of the workshop, we seek to provide you with a Power BI wireframe design (mock up) that aligns to key stakeholders insights requirements to drive business improvements, reflect information in a concise manner, complement decision-making thought processes and drive the actional business conversations.

This deliverable will allow you to

  • Engage with stakeholders
  • Understand their insights needs
  • Get agreement on the desired dashboard
  • Build a basis for a project scope to develop the actual dashboard in question

This workshop is tailored towards engaging to the following audiences:

  • Business Leaders and Decision Makers who use the report to review or improve business performance
  • Digital Transformation Leads
  • IT teams in charge of Business Analytics and Business Intelligence looking to partner strongly with end-users

We will apply our Performance Analytics methodology based on a design thinking framework as part of the workshop process.

The workshop will include a 3 to 4 hours session to understand the following:

  • Current dashboard/reporting and how it is being use
  • Assets, Capabilities, Data, Processes, People supporting the dashboard development and consumption
  • Understanding Challenges with Current Reporting
  • Understanding the Vision, Objectives and Expected Outcomes
  • Sample of existing data
  • Possible use cases, dataset for POC

Pre-Work would be required prior to the workshop to

  • Introduce NCS, Credentials and Methodology
  • Identify the current reporting areas that client needs to prepare to share necessary information on
  • Sign NDA in order to facilitate session
  • Agreement that sample data will be provided

As a deliverable to the workshop, NCS will provide:

  • Design Wireframe and Power BI Dashboard Mockup based on sample data
  • Provide Assessment on Data availability to implement the dashboard requirement
  • Deliver the Assessment and Walk thru Power BI Dashboard Wireframe (Mock Up)

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