Microsoft Copilot 1-day workshop

Netwise S.A.

How Copilot can help You with sales and service procesess

This one day online workshop (via Microsoft Teams) conducted by our experts will jump start your team's understanding of Microsoft Copilot.

1. Copilot for Sales - how to do things faster and easier? From email content proposals to task creation and live asist during Customer meetings. During this workshop, we will show how AI can help in managing and creating e-mail correspondence with the customer, how it supports the salesperson's work in CRM itself and how it becomes his virtual assistant in MS Teams. Additionally, we will present 3 scenarios to expand the capabilities of Copilot for Sales. This knowledge will allow you to see the possibilities and inspire you to introduce a dedicated AI solution based on your internal organizational knowledge.

Modules described during the training

  • Copilot for Sales in Outlook
  • Copilot for Sales in Dynamics CRM
  • Copilot for Sales in Teams
  • Extending Copilot for Sales with Your own internal knowledge sources
  • Sales processess assesment

2. Copilot for Service - How to incorporate an AI solution (bot or voice bot) into a channel operated by real agents so as to reduce the number of reports and give agents more time to solve the most engaging and demanding cases? How to ensure that the agent has the necessary knowledge at hand when talking to the client? During this part, we will show you how to implement an AI-supported solution that will be able to independently solve a large part of customer requests. We will also show how Copilot for Service speeds up the Agent's work by providing him with the necessary information when he needs it most.

Modules described during the training

  • Copilot for Service in Outlook
  • Copilot for Service in Dynamics 365 - Customer Service
  • Create Your own Copilot and add it to Your service channel

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