Nexer Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-3Mth Implementation.

Nexer Group AB

Implement Nexer Dynamics 365 Sales with a best practice solution and Solution First methodology.

The way customers interact with businesses has fundamentally changed. Today's customers are connecting via mobile devices, plugging into their social network, and doing their own research. They are more informed and have higher expectations. Sales teams must adapt to the new customer journey, building deeper relationships with their customers and personalizing every interaction. Nexer Dynamics 365 Sales enables deeper customer engagement in an increasingly complex sales environment. Sellers can act based on insights, build strong relationships, and increase sales performance, all while maximizing productivity. Trust has always been essential to winning in B2B sales. In today's increasingly complex and competitive buying environment, trust is even more critical. Surpassing even economic considerations such as price, trust is the most important factor when closing deals. With Nexer Dynamics 365 Sales, sales teams can consistently deliver personalized engagement that builds relationships and closes deals. Intelligent guidance every step of the way ensures sales teams have the time and know-how to create trust and move relationships forward. Our implementation methodology, Solution First, gives us an opportunity to work in a structured way and to set up milestones in next step. The implementation methodology is based on Microsoft Sure Step and Microsoft Success by Design approach in combination with Nexer's many years of experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics implementation projects.

Solution first methodology- Phases • Initiation • Template • Implement • Deliver • Operate We estimate between 2-3 months for the best practice implementation from Initiation to Operate. The complexity of the estimation is based on the total number of users, several business processes, automation, migrations and integrations.

Nexer is a certified Gold partner to Microsoft and with over 400 years of experience in over 350 Implementation projects.

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