Ready to Dynamics 365 BC: 1-Day Proof of Concept

Nprogression DOO

We offer 1-day proof of concept meeting to demonstrate how you can optimize your business processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our team will showcase how Dynamics 365 Business Central's standard functionality can fulfill your requirements. In addition, we will identify requirements that could be met by other Microsoft ecosystem solutions to provide optimal efficiency for your needs.

A crucial aspect of the workshop's success is the preparation stage. We kindly request that you provide us with helpful documentation in advance, such as your current business processes and requirements for process optimization. Our lead specialist will analyze this information to determine how Dynamics 365 Business Central can meet your expectations.

Part 1 (2 hours) – identification of your business processes\requirements

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Business Central: Start by introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central and its key features. Explain how it can help businesses optimize processes and improve efficiency.
  • Overview of your Business: To understand how Business Central can be tailored to your specific needs, it's vital first to understand your business model, processes, and goals. Ask questions to understand your current pain points and areas for improvement.
Part 2 (4 hours) – a demonstration of Dynamic 365 Business Central functionality
  • Using the information gathered in advance, we will demonstrate how Business Central can meet your specific needs, including creating customized workflows and setting up automated tasks. In cases where required, we will suggest other Microsoft ecosystem solutions that may aid in successfully completing your digital transformation. For example, configuring dashboards in Power BI or MS partner solutions.
Part 3 (2 hours) – additional questions, recommendations
  • Discuss how to start the implementation process or talk about ongoing support and maintenance options, including how to troubleshoot issues and keep the system up to date with new features and updates.
Deliverables POC
  • Express Fit-Gap Analysis document (a high-level view): A report that outlines how your requirements align with the standard functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central and identifies any customization or additional development work that may be required.
  • A functional prototype: This is the most important deliverable of the POC, which is a working prototype demonstrating the feasibility of Dynamics 365 Business Central's standard functionality and Microsoft ecosystem within your settings. We will show you working model that demonstrates the automation of one or several business processes. This prototype will be developed under your requirements and will be a replica of the final solution. Stakeholders can test and evaluate the prototype to provide feedback and ensure that it meets the requirements and expectations.
  • A recommendations report (optional): This report will summarize the findings of the POC and provide recommendations on how to proceed with the full implementation of the proposed solution. It will also identify any risks or potential issues that may need to be addressed.
Why N.Progression?
  • We offer extensive multi-platform expertise in the complete Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure.
  • Our deep industry expertise based on 20 years of Microsoft experience and our industry-specific business process modeling and implementation methodology enable faster time to value and lower total cost of ownership
  • We offer exclusive add-on products featured on Microsoft AppSource, which help make migration faster and less risk

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