HR Benefits Copilot

Rockhop LLC

HR Benefits & Policies Copilot

Studies show that employee satisfaction is directly correlated to engagement, commitment and motivation. HR policies (HRP) and HR effectiveness are often at the top of the list of variables tied to employee satisfaction, yet HR departments can be stretched to meet the basic demands of inquiries related to policies.

Leveraging simple query, Copilot/ chatbot and generative AI technologies is a quick and cost-effective way to increase the value of HR to positively influence employee satisfaction and correlated business results.

Rockhop can work with your organization in structuring an HR Benefits & Policies automated workflow enabling employees to engage via Copilot to access policies and benefits specific to any individual within the organization. This fixed price offer is designed to elevate HR performance without breaking the budget.

As an outcome of this engagement, Rockhop will deliver:

  • Establish Copilot Chatbot
  • Initial Q&A Dataset Imported from Customer
  • Q&A / Topic Management Training
  • Testing Chatbot for HR
  • Non-answer Notification to HR for Response
  • Optional Generative AI Data Source
  • Optional HRIS Integration

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