Copilot Pre-Flight Inspection: 1-5+Wk Assessment

Slalom Consulting

Slalom's Pre-Flight Inspection is focused on providing an assessment and recommendations for Microsoft 365 Collaboration Maturity and Data Security, clearing the runway for take-off!

As Microsoft is working Copilot through its development and quality control steps, there are plenty of things that you can do now to get ready:

People -begin to skill-up your people on prompt engineering, identify areas for reskilling/retraining for those whose workload might shift, and solidify your employee experience program to help keep your workforce engaged

Process -evaluate your business processes and start to reimagine what they may look like with the augmentation of Copilot's generative capabilities

Technology - reviewing your current Microsoft 365 tenant to ensure that the appropriate data security controls are in-place to monitor sensitive information, ensure appropriate data access, and enable content lifecycle management.

Our Pre-Flight Inspection is the first step in helping make sure you are ready for takeoff for this new revolutionary capability.

Engagement Deliverables / Work Products

* Current state assessment of Microsoft 365 Collaboration - how your organization is currently leveraging Microsoft 365 from a collaboration perspective including document & content management, lifecycle management, and communication, & Data Security Controls - Microsoft 365 Copilot will surface content that you have access to which sometimes may include sensitive information. We will evaluate your current usage of Data Security controls & monitoring capabilities
* Collaboration Maturity Recommendations
* Data Security Recommendations
* Technical Implementation Roadmap
* High-level business case for Copilot


Initial Planning (Week 0)

* Pre-engagement stakeholder alignment
* Workshop planning
* Plan for 1-2 target groups to interview for ways of working
* Initiate requests for access to current Microsoft 365 usage within client tenant

Discovery (Weeks 1-2)
* Engagement kick-off session
* Brief Copilot Overview
* Current state assessment
* Conduct cross-functional workshop to understand ways of working
* Deep dive into M365 tenant controls & settings

Analyze (Weeks 3-4)
* Review current state with recommended future state to help drive secure & compliant collaboration
* Develop a high-level set of recommendations and potential roadmap to mature M365 capabilities

Recommend (Weeks 5+)
* Create inputs for high-level business case to invest in Microsoft 365 Copilot
* Schedule and hold final project readout
* Plan for implementation to ensure readiness for Microsoft 365 Copilot

* Pricing varies based on scope of the engagement.

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