Data Scraping 2-Week POC

SoftServe Inc.

SoftServe will provide a configurable and scalable component allowing you to scrape data from different data sources.

About SoftServe

SoftServe is a digital authority, operating at the cutting edge of technology. We reveal, transform, accelerate, and optimize the way enterprises and software companies do business. With expertise across healthcare, retail, media, financial services, manufacturing and software, we implement end-to-end solutions, delivering the innovation, quality and speed that our clients’ users expect.

SoftServe provides a configurable and scalable component allowing you to scrape data from different data sources into Enterprise databases. During the PoC, our experts will help you to configure web scrapping and data preparation processes to turn the extracted data into business assets. This component functions similarly to RPA scraping, but is more robust and tolerant to changes of the data source so that it requires less maintenance in operations. Collecting data from different sources could be a challenge, e.g. due to the different data formats. The structure of extracted data usually needs modifications in accordance with company standards and data types. The goal for this PoC is to prepare data for their subsequent use by the business.

Key steps of this PoC

  • Identify data sources for data scraping (1-2 for PoC)
  • Describe extracted data with key parameters (columns, data type, limits, frequency, etc)
  • Choose data scraping technology
  • Configure tables to store scraping data
  • Configure and deploy data scraping workflow
  • Document the solution
  • Test and launch the solution
  • Plan for next steps


  • Full functional data scraping workflow that is ready to launch
  • Comprehensive documentation that can be used as a standard for the next projects
  • Training provided by Microsoft Certified Trainer with detailed explanation of development process, used features and next steps

The price quoted is indicative and will vary depending upon the actual complexity and scope.

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