Calling with Microsoft Teams: 5 weeks Implementation


A bundle of Verizon network SBCaaS and service components priced in a per seat package that enables global calling from Microsoft Teams.

Verizon Calling with Microsoft Teams (VCMT) is a service offering that combines design, build, and delivery of a Microsoft Teams Phone System with a robust Session Border Controller (SBC) solution creating a Business Communications solution. The two primary components of VCMT are:

  • Verizon conducts a Unified Communications project with Customer and takes the lead in hosting collaborative workshops, design, integration, and service delivery at both an enterprise and location/end-user level.

  • Session Border Controller as a Service (SBCaaS) delivers Microsoft-certified, fully managed, virtual, geo-redundant SBCs hosted on Verizon’s Hosted Network Services (HNS) platform.

  • SBCaaS integrates securely with Microsoft Teams Phone System via the internet and can integrate securely with Verizon’s SIP Trunking via Verizon’s Private IP network. Additionally, SBCaaS allows for multiple SIP connections and third party carrier SIP Trunking.

If Customer purchases (separately) Verizon’s SIP Trunking service with VCMT, Verizon will deliver an Enterprise-grade solution providing maximum flexibility:  Flexibility in network functions and multiple vendor services at remote and cloud locations.  Modeled as an Operating expense to reduce initial Capital costs typically associated with a communications project.  Automation and orchestration to reduce service provisioning timeframes.  Rapid service scaling reducing the need for re-investment in physical devices.  A seamless global solution available in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

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