Cloud for Nonprofits Fundraising App: 12-Day Implementation


Deploy the Fundraising & Engagement app to meet the needs of not-for-profits who want a pre-configured and ready to use solution at an out of the box price and rapid deployment in days.

Built on Microsoft's Dynamics / Power Apps, the Fundraising and Engagement app has been designed to be a single source of truth for donor management.

A constituent relationship management platform that modernizes donor and constituent engagement to help you increase your mission impact. Fundraising & Engagement enables you to better understand your donors and supporters, reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies by automating business processes, and strengthen donation, revenue, and transaction management.

Solution benefits of the Fundraising and Engagement app are:

  • Pre-configured Power App that is ready to use – Prebuilt workflow and rules to accelerate your adoption.
  • Rapid – Days not months to implement
  • Extendable – Extend with other Power Apps from the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits or build your own changes into the workflows and interface to meet your specific requirements.

Implementation Approach:

The following 6 Stage approach requires 12 days of effort and the price is estimated based on this. The below scope of work is a simple and efficient pathway to have you operating on the Fundraising and Engagement app. Our expectation is that the implementation approach will take 6 weeks from start of the Pre-installation walk through.

Stage/Week 1. Pre-installation walk-through & Solution Design The walk through will provide the detail of out-of-box Fundraising and Engagement functionality and the approach to getting the system deployed and adopted inside the organisation, including Power App and Automate functionality like:

  • Standard workflows
  • Entity/Attribute model
  • Standard Business Processes
  • Form Layouts
  • Attribute (Field) Validation Rules
  • Power Automate Flows
  • Standard Reporting and Data Export The workshop will also detail changes required, and scope data migration and loading requirements.

Stage/Week 2. Environment Configuration Two Microsoft Power Platform environments (Production and Development/Staging) will be activated in a client-controlled tenant. The secure environments are managed through Azure Active Directory and implement a role-based access model. The data model is contained within the Dataverse.

Stage/Week 3. Installation of Fundraising and Engagement app and Configuration Walkerscott will install and configure the Fundraising and Engagement app into both Production and Development environments. Users are setup and configured within the Administration panel for both environments.

Stage/Week 4. Data Migration and Loading Client data (as determined from the workshop) from existing systems will be loaded through Excel templates into the Dataverse. Any in-flight business process status data will be loaded directly into the Fundraising and Engagement app. Walkerscott to supply Excel templates with instructions on how to load data, actual data loads and checks to be done by the client.

Stage/Week 5. User Training Walkerscott will provide a User training workshop for a maximum of 3 client users. The training will be completed at Walkerscott/client premises or over Microsoft Teams with client devices covering all the core functions in a single session. Availability of “virtual over the shoulder support” via Teams will be provided to support users through the key functions as required during the Hypercare Phase.

Stage/Week 6. Support Walkerscott provides an initial Hypercare Phase following the go-live of the Fundraising and Engagement app to ensure adoption and solution fit are achieved. This period runs for a single week post go-live unless otherwise agreed. Based on the number of users and complexity of system we believe this to be enough Hypercare support.

Walkerscott provides on-going application support for the Fundraising and Engagement app via our Managed Service Agreements which offer a flexible approach to support your business application based on your needs.

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