Power BI Supercharged Training: 1-Day Workshop


The Power BI training is an immersive, hands-on workshop that will cover the breadth of features Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Service has to offer to accelerate decision-making in business.

The Power BI training is a 1-day, hands-on workshop using sample sales data that is modeled along Microsoft's Dashboard in a Day, and will cover the breadth of features Power BI (Desktop and Service) offers.


This will be instructor-led and will have a strong focus on the why and not just the how. We will:

  • extract data from multiple sample flat-file sources
  • transform, model and visualize the data
  • then build a set of Reports and a Dashboard and
  • share and collaborate within the Power BI service


As part of this training we will deliver (at a minimum):

  • 1 Power BI report file published to the Service and 1 Power BI dashboard
  • Sample data files and other assets including Power BI files at varying stages of completion and script that you can use to retrace the training steps
  • Limited to 8 to 10 people (does not have to be team specific)

At a glance