Securing Identities 3-Day Workshop


Microsoft Funded Consultancy 3-Day Workshop for Securing Identities

The Microsoft Funded Consultancy Workshops will upskill your team, provide knowledge as well as tailored recommendations of how to improve your infrastructure.

The Azure Sentinel Workshop Highlights include:

  • Get a rating of your identity security posture and see how it compares to your peers
  • Gain insights into apps used in your environment – even ones unsanctioned by IT
  • Understand how to prevent identities from being compromised
  • Learn how to reduce costs and improve business agility and security with simplified app access
  • Identify potential risks related to identity and see opportunities for improvement.

We will help you find identity risks happening now in your environment, gain insights on your application landscape, and improve your identity security posture.

Why ZiAAS? When it comes to security, you need an experienced partner. ZiAAS were early adopters of all things Microsoft. This means that we have deep experience in bringing reliability and scalability to today’s dynamic business environment.

Agenda - will be tailored to your requirements

Day 1:

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Define Scope
  • Microsoft Secure Score Overview
  • Identity Security Posture Assessment

Day 2:

  • Application Discovery Presentation
  • Application Discovery Setup
  • Run Microsoft Secure Score for Identity Security Posture assessment
  • Identity Fundamentals
  • Self-Service Password Recovery (SSPR)
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Conditional Access (CA)
  • Passwordless (optional)
  • Endpoint Compliance (optional)
  • Azure AD Application Management

Day 3:

  • Documentation
  • Application Discovery Reporting and Discussion
  • Key Results, Recommendations, and Next Steps

This workshop would normally cost $3,500-$5,000 - Contact us today to see if you're eligible for funding

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