Financial Dashboard

by ERP Connect Consulting LLC

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Over 30 KPIs, Charts, and Metrics across 6 functional areas directly embedded into Business Central.

This version supports the NA Localizations only. For Additional Localizations see Additional App Listings.

Includes Free 30-Day Trial.

The aim of our financial dashboarding tool is to bring greater visibility into your Business Central data. Whether you are a GM, in the C Suite, or a Department Manager, you will love this dashboard for the critical information and insights that are brought forward. These insights are a one stop shop that will help facilitate decision making by quickly informing leadership and management groups on key metrics of the business. This allows you to quickly monitor activity and check on the health of your account system and, ultimately, your business so you can get back to running value-add activities.

All of the metrics, reports, and KPIs on the dashboard are directly embedded inside of Business Central. No external connections and data calls ensure accuracy and security and also help with the overall reporting speed. By optimizing these factors, you will have the peace of mind that data is restricted to only those who should see the data (including drill downs).

Since it is embedded in Business Central, that also means managing the dashboard will look and feel like everything else already in Business Central. As long as users have a Business Central license and have permissions to view the dashboard, they will be able to get up and running in as little as 15 minutes. One flat yearly fee also ensures that you will not feel restricted by additional hidden costs due to added headcount on your end.


  • KPI views for Pipeline, Revenue comparisons, Margins, and more
  • Set your own goals for the company to easily monitor your unique goals vs system actuals
  • Balance checks for your general and sub-ledger data and posting groups
  • Quick views into your two favorite Financial Reports

Accounts Receivable

  • AR Aging pie chart by aging bucket
  • Summary balance and balance due list per customer
  • Detailed AR Aging by customer with aging buckets displayed
  • An added calculated field for “Average Pay Days by Customer” which allows you to see on average when a customer is making payments
  • Late Payer Indicators and Highlighted Cells to Flag Late Payers
  • All lists allow filters, sorts, drill downs, and are exportable to Excel

Accounts Payable

  • AP Aging pie chart by aging bucket
  • Summary balance and balance due list per vendor
  • Detailed AP Aging by vendor with aging buckets displayed
  • All lists allow filters, sorts, drill downs, and are exportable to Excel


  • Inventory Valuation by Item Category
  • Inventory Value by Location
  • Inventory Outage Warnings
  • Inventory Adjustment Display
  • Detailed Inventory Valuation and Statistics information for each item.
  • Additional calculations for “Days Supply” helps indicate which items are overstocked or understocked


  • Sales by Global Dimension 1 and 2
  • Sales by Business Posting Group
  • Sales by Product Posting Group
  • Sales Order Pipeline
  • Top Customer Sales Chart
  • Top Items Sales Chart
  • Top Item Profit Chart


  • Balance by Bank Account
  • GL to Posting Group Comparison for Bank Balances
  • Cash Total Pie Chart
  • Cash Usage Graph
  • Cash Forecast Graph
  • Skip the lengthy process of setting up Business Central Cashflow Forecasts. Setup a cash forecast and usage within minutes with little to no long term maintenance

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