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DRM - Comprehensive Pharma Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

DRM (Doctor Relationship Management) is a robust CRM solution tailored specifically for pharmaceutical businesses. It empowers pharmaceutical companies to optimize their relationships with healthcare professionals and enhance their marketing strategies. With DRM, you gain access to a suite of powerful tools designed to maximize customer value and drive business growth.

Key Features:


  • Daily Planning
  • Daily Reports
  • Doctor and Pharmacy Management
  • Coaching Reports
  • Product Management
  • Comprehensive Analysis Dashboards
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Compliance Tracking for Report Submissions
    • Planned vs. Actual Visits
    • Doctors' Coverage and Visit Frequency
    • Ladder of Adoption Analysis
    • Visits per Product per Medical Representative
    • Coaching Reports and Skills Progress Tracking per Medical Representative
    • Integration with Sales to Measure Medical Representative Efficiency and Costs

DRM e-Detail Content Management

  • Instantly Present Content (PDF, PPTX, etc.)
  • Interactive App Brochures for engaging product presentations
  • Seamless Integration with DRM CRM
  • Secure and Rapid Content Delivery
  • Central Content Management Portal with Granular Security
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Capabilities
  • Deep Integration with Microsoft 365 Cloud Services

Data Insights from DRM e-Detail App Brochure:

  • Usage Metrics for Reps
    • Presentation Duration and Frequency
    • Slide-Level Engagement Metrics
    • Slide Tracking
  • User Opinions and Understanding
    • Agreement with Key Messages
    • Product Understanding (Efficacy, Contraindications)
    • Likelihood to Prescribe

Subscription Plans:

  • Basic Plan: Daily planning, reports, doctor and pharmacy management, coaching reports, product management, and comprehensive analysis dashboards.
  • Pro Plan (Includes Basic Plan): Advanced marketing activity management, including marketing events, sponsorships, local conferences, and budget vs. actual cost comparisons.
  • Premium Plan (Includes Basic and Pro Plans): Full DRM CRM features integrated with DRM e-Detail content management.
  • Ultimate Plan (Includes Premium Plan): Additional sales module with features for orders and stock counting.

Choose the DRM plan that aligns with your pharmaceutical business needs and take your customer relationships and marketing strategies to the next level.

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