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Imports CSV


5.0 (1)

Import the csv file in SharePoint list.

Import intelligently, CSV files in a SharePoint list. The file can be exported from another list by Microsoft Excel and used it directly in the apps.

1. Set the parameters of the imports (parameters will be pre-configured according to the language site)

-Ignore line if contain more or less columns

-Ignore line that contain error format

-Choose option to search users (mails, login, mails)

-Chose the date format

-Choose the Boolean value (yes/no, true/false, 1/0)

-Choose the encoding

2. Mapping the columns

mapping between the columns of the list and the columns of the file. By default App search intelligently the correspondence.

3. Overview

The App show the result of import before the upload. And show also the alerts and messages: Number not valid, Url not valid, user does not exist, line contain more columns.

4. After importing items, you