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On-going Work Status Visualization

1.0 (1)

Visualize your on-going task statuses using a Tree Map graphic, to quickly identify high-risk tasks

The MindFraming 'On-going Work Status Visualization' generates a Tree Map graphic displaying all on-going tasks -- by default -- with their visual space/size determined by the amount of 'Work' they represent (relative to their siblings), and their Color by the 'Status' that the task has; either 'Late' (Red), or 'Not Late' (Green).

The 'Status Color' of high-level tasks is calculated upon the basis of the Status Color of each of its child tasks -- and their Work/size in proportion to the other child tasks -- rendering a color somewhere between fully-Red (fully-Late) and fully-Green (fully-OK), thereby providing a visual 'Status Spectrum' for tasks that does not exist in MS Project's textual display, where each high-level parent task can only be either 'Late', or 'Not Late', with no shades in between.

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