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HandyMap Places & Routes


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Create points of interest, driving, transit and region maps within your Excel documents.

Enrich your Excel documents with interactive road, satellite and street-side maps. Designed specifically for use inside Excel, the HandyMap Places & Routes add-in enable you to create the places, driving, transit and region maps needed to illustrate your address and route data. Extensive customization capability, a rich feature set and multiple data input modes make map generation an effortless and integral part of your Excel task set.

The add-in features the new Share Maps service to enable sharing your maps with clients and co-workers using secure web links viewable from any browser or mobile device.

  • Create place maps using auto-suggest aided place and address input.
  • Plot driving and transit routes using proven Microsoft Bing Maps.
  • Create region maps showing city, county, state and country boundaries.
  • Road, Aerial, Bird's Eye and Streetside maps, with pan and zoom capability.
  • Wide selection of marker types, colors, images and labels.
  • Custom marker feature for creating place markers using your own icons and logs.
  • Marker library functionality for storing your frequently used images.
  • Tri-state markers for setting different styles for the standard, hover and selected marker states.
  • Clustering support to render overlapping markers as groups.
  • Route optimization to help you plan the most efficient order for route way-stops.
  • Round trip routing and round trip way-stop optimization.
  • Review alternate routes for distance and time.
  • View step-by-step driving and/or transit directions with distance and time.
  • Utilize region grouping to highlight data distribution across geographic areas.
  • Use custom shaped regions to show specific areas of impact.
  • Create markers based on latitude and longitude data.
  • Simplified map generation by directly importing data from your document tables.
  • Create data bound maps that are automatically updated as your document data changes.
  • New GeoJSON data import functionality for creating maps based on GeoJSON data files and GeoJSON web services.
  • Generate maps by importing the spatial data attributes from GeoJSON data files
  • Leverage the vast selection of publicly available GeoJSON data sources for creating your maps.
  • Auto save functionality for automatic persistence of your map data and settings.
  • Add callout labels to highlight the key details of your map data.
  • Utilize dynamic callouts to pin your map marker information.
  • Selectively hide or show map marker layers to aid your analysis or presentation.
  • Generate street and satellite map imagery for emailing or attaching to your documents.
  • Leverage bird's eye and street-side imagery within your Excel document.

LICENSE TERMS: The HandyMap Places and Routes add-in license is valid for a period of 1 year starting from the date of activation following the purchase of a product license. Upon expiry of the 1 year period, you may renew the add-in license by directly contacting AdaptPoint. Please visit the product page to learn more about the license terms.

Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet