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Location Analysis by Visual Crossing

Visual Crossing Corporation

Location market analysis & new site prospecting using demographic based map statistics

Location Analysis by Visual Crossing is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for evaluating & finding the ideal locations for your business. Using a distance and attraction model, Location Analysis processes hundreds of thousands of rows of demographic data to determine where strong concentrations of value exist. Whether you are trying to compare your locations to competitors, evaluate new locations or simply display your available access to specific demographic groups, Visual Crossing Location Analysis can will deliver key insight into your existing and potential locations.

Features Include:

  • Competitive Analysis -  Enter your locations along with your competitor’s locations, and Visual Crossing Location Analysis will compare and contrast the sites based on a library of demographic data.
  • Cannibalization Analyze -  Calculate the effective reach of your locations and automatically highlight areas of conflict between site locations.
  • Site Comparison – Use demographic analysis to compare prospective business locations, and see the effect each location would have on your overall business, your existing locations, and your competitors.


  • Distance-Attraction Model -  Configure the analysis algorithm to adapt the analysis to your specific business needs adjusting distances, attraction metrics, and more for each location as desired.
  • Demographics Library – Choose the demographic variables that are most applicable to your business and find the geographic correlation to your locations as well as your prospective locations.
  • Seamless Excel Integration– Read data from you existing Excel sheets, incorporate the results of your analysis directly into your Excel workbooks, and share the results with others.


These sophisticated tools are typically only available to large corporations with large budgets. Visual Crossing is making these tools available and easier to use for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Designed to work within Excel users can simply select locations from their workbooks and start analyzing locations immediately.

Free 7 day unlimited trial with sign up. Purchase is required for additional use.

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