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Pull data into your Excel from Sourcetable, a unified source for your organizations data.

Use your data to make better decisions. Combine data from your SaaS tools, databases and applications directly into Excel. Push the results of your work to a central database. Analyze information from across the entire organization.

To get started install Sourcetable for Excel and signup to Sourcetable at Hooking up the tools your team uses is easy and in minutes your team will have their data in Excel.

What is Sourcetable? A data warehouse that collects and syncs information from the tools and applications your team uses. This central source of information allows you get a complete view of your business.

Add-in features:

1) Pull Data down from Sourcetable and put it directly in the cells and tables in your workbook

2) Sync all the connected tables in your workbook with one button. Never work with old data.

3) Push data back into Sourcetable reporting and analytics

Why Sourcetable?

1) Connect data from across your organization and create a common source of reliable information.

2) Sourcetable stays up to date with your applications and tools so you can quickly see and react to business changes.

3) Your data is where you work! Including Excel.

Data sources:

Excel: Use this Excel adding to push workbook data back to Sourcetable.

CSV: Upload raw data in large CSV files.

Procore: Construction Project Management.

Asana: Project Management Tool.

Sage: Accounting Software.

Airtable: A database with visualization and collaboration.

Salesforce: A popular CRM.

Smartsheet: Online spreadsheet

Xero: Cloud accounting software.

Microsoft SQL Server: A Popular relation database

PostgreSQL: A Popular relation database.

MySQL: A Popular relation database.

More sources are on the way!

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Add-in capabilities
When this add-in is used, it
  • Can read and make changes to your document
  • Can send data over the Internet