Rows for Excel add-in

by Scope Solutions

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Connect Xero and QuickBooks Online to your Excel for efficient reporting and bulk upload with Rows.

Your data automation partner - connect Xero, QuickBooks Online and Practice Manager (WorkFlowMax) to your Excel for efficient reporting and bulk upload + edit of data from within Excel. Designed for finance teams and accountants to build reports with live client data and to bulk upload and edit transactions back to the accounting platform directly from Excel.

Rows allows you to automate your work by connecting your client data in the accounting platform to an Excel spreadsheet. There are various ways how Rows can help your business or accounting firm. This can be used for reporting with data easily refreshed directly from the cloud (better than export) whenever required across different organisations. Start by using raw data and build your own reports or from sample management reports provided by Rows.

Avoid upload limits and messy CSVs by using Rows to create, edit or archive accounting entries in bulk (much better than import) manual journals, purchase orders, bank transactions, timesheets, tracking categories, chart of accounts, contacts, items, bank transfers, employees, bills and invoices directly from Excel.

Data Copy - Take a copy of your data (backup) for peace of mind or before you cancel a subscription. Download an offline backup / copy of your full audit trail including attachments to your source documents and reference data.

Rows is a great tool to help prepare and generating consolidated reports for groups. With direct access to consolidated profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance and even access to group wide aged payables and receivables. It also handles the currency conversions for you.

Note: Rows is a paid service and you can benefit from a 30-day no obligation free trial. A subscription with cloud software including Xero, QuickBooks Online or Practice Manager (WorkFlowMax) is required to be able to use Rows.

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