TheraTraq Timeline Circle

by TheraTraq

Microsoft PBI Certified
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Visualize your events in a timeline view.

TheraTraQ Timeline Circle chart represents a set of key events in a timeline view. The timeline axis shows years and quarters. It also has dark and light grey backgrounds for alternative year ranges. The key events data are rendered as bubbles with a line that marks the timeline based on the date. If there are two events that are close to each other, the visualization will create one bubble closer to the timeline axis and one little further so that it can show both events. It also supports multiple day events which are rendered as ovals with 2 vertical lines showing the start and end dates. The title and description of the event data will be rendered inside the bubble. It takes a dataset with columns such as Title, Description, EventStartDate, EventEndDate to render the visualization. It picks random colors for events. The customization options are Title, Layout, Image URL and Circle Background. Title: The value given in this option will be rendered as a title of the chart. Layout: TheraTraQ Timeline Circle has a capablity of adding a header image to the top or bottom of the visualization. It takes two values, header or footer. If the value is header the image will be added at the top of the chart and for footer it will ba added at the bottom of the chart. Image URL: This option specifies the URL of the image given in the Layout option. This image URL needs to be accessible by the users. Circle Background: This option specifies whether the circle background is opaque or transparent. Limitation: The chart will show a maximum of 100 events in the UI.

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