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CozyCal Scheduling

CozyCal Scheduling

CozyCal Scheduling -- Delightfully Simple Scheduling for your website.

CozyCal is a delightfully simple scheduling service that easily integrates with your website. We are Chris and Kat, the creators of CozyCal. 👋

We started CozyCal with the vision of creating the most elegant and user-friendly scheduling web-app that helps small businesses to grow and thrive. As a two-person team, we understand that small teams need to be nimble and efficient. That’s why we have built a simple but functional scheduling tool that smoothly integrates with your business and takes care of scheduling for you and your team. 🤝

Install CozyCal on your website, and let clients schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. By integrating with Office 365, CozyCal increases lead generation, streamlines scheduling for existing clients, and saves you time, so you can focus on building better connections.

With CozyCal, you can create seamless, customized scheduling experience on your website. CozyCal will increase lead generation, boost conversion, and allow your clients to schedule events easily and quickly right on your website.

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up your CozyCal account and create a customized scheduling process for your business:

  • Easy website integration: Embed a customizable scheduling button directly on your website, that allows your clients to schedule events easily and quickly.
  • Team scheduling: Multiple members can be invited to join team booking pages and guests can select preferred team member or auto-assigned member for event scheduling.
  • Customize email reminders: Customize and send automatic email reminders to your clients for scheduled appointments.
  • Flexible intake forms: Customize intake form questions to collect key client information upon bookings.
  • Manage clients: Search client contacts and track appointment booking history to identify scheduling patterns. Sharable booking page or service URL. Share your booking page or service URL in an email or on your social media for quick and easy scheduling.
  • Automatic timezone handling. If your client is in a different timezone than you, CozyCal will display the corresponding timezone options for your clients.
  • Mobile friendly interface. CozyCal’s mobile-friendly interface is designed for your clients to book appointments from anywhere at anytime.