Crowdsense is the AI-powered platform for real-time detection of global market-moving events.

August 29, 2019: Indonesia bans all raw ore exports, instigating a 14 percent spike in the price of nickel over - the highest in four years at that moment. Crowdsense detected the ban 12 hours earlier than mainstream news.

September 14, 2019: A drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil facilities instigates a 20 percent spike in the price of oil - the largest oil spike in 30 years at that moment. Crowdsense detected the attack 30 minutes before mainstream news. 

Whether it's 12 hours or 30 minutes, the window between an event and its effect on markets means a lot. Crowdsense is an AI-powered platform that utilizes NLP and ML algorithms to detect global market-moving events in real-time. Our technology filters, sorts and analyzes billions of feeds from publicly available data into just a few breaking events per day, tailor-made to institutional clients. empowers financial analysts and traders (B2B) to avoid capital loss and generate alpha. Investors lose money when geopolitical, economic, disastrous, and other breaking events or trend changes that impact their investments arrive late to mainstream news. The 24-hour news cycle bombards us with constant headlines, which often lack real impact. Our platform combines proprietary and off-the-shelf NLP and ML algorithms to create a real-time automated process that filters out 99.998% - bringing the 1000s of daily headlines down to the 10s. Our platform makes getting important information simple and fast and helps our customers stay ahead of the game. 

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