Software Development Solution for Microsoft Teams

by Frameable Inc

Empower your engineers with better collaboration tools.

Frameable Core helps engineering teams effectively collaborate and pair regardless of their physical location.

With Frameable Core, a collaboration platform designed to be used in Microsoft Teams, engineering teams experience better pair programming, interactive working sessions, and more customization across their workflows. Frameable Core simplifies communication while improving connectivity, enabling engineers to use the platform for all types of scenarios including incident response, test-driven development, system design and architecture, and more.

Software developers using Frameable Core say:

“It's great to be able to dig into our work and not worry about the tech we're using. Being able to simultaneously share screens just makes sense.” – Andrew, Senior Full Stack Developer

Key features for next-level virtual collaboration:

  • Multiple screen share: Share documentation, whiteboards, design files, and other assets across multiple screens simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

  • Open-door coding sessions: Create easily discoverable video calls or persistent project rooms without filling up everyone’s calendar.

  • Customizable dashboard: Access a streamlined dashboard for all of your most important notifications so you can stay on top of all of your team and project communications.

  • Digital whiteboard: Collaborate on virtual canvases for task-tracking, crafting APIs, database schemas, or designing architectural approaches together.

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Frameable Core requires a monthly subscription.

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