Genpact Cora Orchestration

by Genpact

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Intelligent Business Process Management Software for a unified, end-to-end process.

Genpact Cora Orchestration is a Low-Code digital business platform, transforming customer experience for our clients worldwide. It does so by offering a visual drag-n-drop UI (user interface) for Business & IT stakeholders to collaborate on automating business processes, connecting front middle & back offices, and helping our customers to become true digital businesses. Cora Orchestration is a flexible, AI-based platform that future-proofs your technology investment and mitigates risk with integrated controls and governance. Cora Orchestration powers products which offer proven enterprise scale. Our digital solutions solve specific business problems and enable you to not only achieve cost savings, but also generate faster insights to drive actions leading to greater competitive advantage. Cora Orchestration offers a combination of talent, deep domain expertise, and innovative digital solutions within our industry. Leveraging our two decades of experience in managing intelligent operations for clients, Cora Orchestration offers enterprises the opportunity to maximize success while minimizing any risks along their digital transformation journey. Cora Orchestration is part of the Genpact Cora offering, an Azure-based platform for digital transformation that automates and improves business processes end-to-end. It boosts agility and allows customers to leverage best of breed of digital technologies, such as RPA and ML.

Cora Orchestration highlights and Benefits:

• No coding or compiling

• Dual View allows multiple users to work simultaneously

• Improves regulatory compliance - Patented HotChange® architecture allows to change processes and advanced control mechanisms quickly, thus enabling constant optimization/improvement.

• HotOperations increase speed and consistency by ensuring smart task allocation and fast completion based on business rules

• Integrates with mainstream applications like Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform, Microsoft Azure Services, SAP, Oracle, as well as with RPA, AI and IoT

• Provides a consolidated view by retrieving and aggregating all data into one screen

• Extends automatically on various devices

• Enhances customer experience - helps organizations improve the e2e customer journey by offering data and information instantly to the users

• Increases revenue through faster time-to-market - The Automated digitized processes are agile and enable the organization to operate with greater speed

• Scalability - Easily scale to meet business demands

• Improved operational efficiency for maximum productivity

• Enables cost savings – reduces human resource requirement

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