HYAS Infosec Inc

Comox is an online attribution intelligence platform, built for cybersecurity professionals.

Comox built for cybersecurity professionals, analysts and investigators, providing strong new visibility, context, and attribution to their security efforts.
Comox is an advanced threat intelligence and attribution platform which lets you know your enemy. With its actor and infrastructure, attribution capabilities threat intelligence teams will have a new powerful way to identify the malicious activity. Comox gives the opportunity to threat intelligence teams to put their foot front and detect the threats with higher efficiency.

Exclusive databases
The platform’s investigation tools enable customers to query an exclusive, in-depth database of compromise indicators gathered from multiple proprietary sources extending years into the past.

Digital fingerprints
One of Comox’s strengths is its ability to provide information and intersections that other investigative tools cannot. Its database indexes public, hard-to-find, and exclusive to HYAS datasets which allow investigators to better fingerprint events, actors, and infrastructure.

A range of data types
Analysts can query a broad range of data types ranging from phone numbers through email and IP addresses. Comox searches and cross-references a vast array of information to return useful data for investigators to save into online case files.

Real-time event detection
Comox also features the ability to create alerts using a sophisticated set of rules, providing analysts with a rich set of real-time event detection and mitigation capabilities.

  • Faster and better event response by connecting specific attack instances and campaigns to billions of historical indicators of compromise.
  • “Force multiplier” for company security teams, providing excellent new visibility, context, and attribution to their existing security efforts.
  • GEO Ip capability provides, to the doorstep accuracy
  • More than a billion data points processed on a daily basis to provide accurate and granular data.
  • Over 100 million DNS queries analyzed on a daily basis.
  • Alert system will help you to concentrate on the real challenges and takes out the hassle of false positives from your daily routine.

Microsoft Azure powers Comox threat intelligence platform to provide faster and reliable service.