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Operate your facilities at peak efficiency and maximum comfort

Lacking visibility across disparate building systems makes it difficult to maintain building operations at peak performance and minimize energy use. ICONICS helps operations, facility, real estate, and digital transformation managers optimize their portfolio of buildings by integrating traditional building management systems, modern sensors, and end user productivity tools.

ICONICS Azure-based software correlates how and where each asset is used to provide full visibility, improve space utilization, reduce energy costs, and streamline equipment maintenance. Our virtual data-driven replication of the physical environment enables customers to model the relationships between people, places, and devices using a semantic data digital twin.

Key capabilities

  • Customizable fault detection and diagnostics technology proactively identifies under-performing equipment and offers probable causes to reduce maintenance repair time
  • Intuitive visualization brings issues to light with contextualized information and projected cost impact, allowing workers to resolve issues faster
  • Universal connectivity enables integration across a wide range of building systems
  • Operational monitoring and analytics supports cleaner, safer and more productive spaces
  • Data driven analytics enable better sustainability for energy, waste, and air quality

ICONICS Smart Building software enables customers to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. Additional benefits include extending the life of building equipment, avoiding capital equipment costs, improving employee productivity, and maximizing occupancy rates.


ICONICS is a seven-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner, including Sustainability Partner of the Year and IoT Partner of the Year. Companies (including Microsoft) realize 10-20% savings off their total energy costs by deploying ICONICS solutions.

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