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Luminate Control Tower

JDA Software - Global

Drive real-time visibility, enhanced orchestration & prescriptive guidance across the supply chain

Control Tower. Illuminated. JDA® Luminate™ Control Tower is an award winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides real-time visibility, optimized orchestration and prescriptive recommendations across the entire supply chain. The solution is part of the next generation JDA® Luminate™ family, which extends and enhances JDA’s product portfolio and is built on a cognitive, real-time, connected platform that embraces digital-edge technologies such as SaaS, IoT, artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and cross-platform integration. Companies today have access to a wide variety of data signals, ranging from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to social media, news, events and weather (SNEW) data, that can provide valuable insights into a company’s supply chain operations – and its bottom line. Yet, many companies are hampered by siloed operations and systems, making it a challenge to capitalize on this growing volume of digital data. While companies need to be able to proactively manage the unpredictable portions of their business, it’s nearly impossible for them to manage what they don’t see, plan for what they don’t know, and execute if they’re not aligned. To compete – and win – in today’s digital age, companies must be able to see, analyze and act on insights gained from digital signals across the supply chain in real time, and then learn from those experiences to become better at sensing and responding to supply chain risks and opportunities in the future. With JDA’s award-winning Luminate Control Tower, companies can see, interpret and act on real-time information from the entire digital ecosystem, including third-party data sources, to drive a more customer-centric, demand responsive supply chain. These real-time visibility, collaboration and intelligent response capabilities support more intelligent scenario planning and profitable responses, which will ultimately lead to improved service, increased revenue and lower cost to serve.