MailGuard 365 – Last Line Email Security for M365

MailGuard Pty Limited

Stops up to 15% more malicious email threats with Microsoft 365

Co-built with Microsoft, MailGuard 365 provides “Defence in Depth” email security as a native add-on to your M365.

  • MailGuard 365 stops up to 15% more email threats with M365, like phishing, ransomware and BEC (Business Email Compromise)
  • Free 30-day POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Microsoft invoice your organization directly post the POC (one transaction, on a unified invoice)

A world-first evolutionary approach, MailGuard 365 re-scans for email threats that we never want to personally experience. It inspects emails in real-time after they pass through your M365 security stack and any other 3rd party email security vendors and is the last check before your staff could make a catastrophic mistake.

  • Stops criminal intent emails: MailGuard 365 re-scans emails in real-time, stopping dangerous threats like Phishing, Ransomware and BEC.
  • Evidence-based reporting: Complementing upstream security services like the M365 security stack and other 3rd party email security vendors, MailGuard 365 takes a new evolutionary approach. It is last to check emails, allowing for world-first evidence-based reporting that demonstrates its stopping power and the top-targeted email users.
  • Single-click activation: Effortless solution, activated with your Microsoft credentials, means getting started is easy.
  • No end-user training or IT support required: Designed to provide peace of mind for end-users and the IT team, working natively inside of M365, it moves threats to the user's junk folder, meaning no additional training is required. It makes life simple for IT admins too, with no set-up headaches or journaling to configure.

Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft) urges a “Defence in Depth” approach to email security.

Satya said in a recent keynote that “1 trillion dollars is lost every year because of cyber issues.” He continued by saying, “That ability to laterally move faster than the adversary is going to be so important...” adding, that MailGuard 365 is “the type of innovation that we want to see.

Gartner reports that 35% of M365 users are adding a 3rdparty email security product.

Exclusive to the Microsoft Marketplace, we built it to protect more than 200 million M365 users globally. Combining 19+ years of specialized email security expertise and IP from MailGuard with the best of Microsoft Azure and Azure AI/ML Studio, MailGuard 365 bolsters email threat detection. It works in stealth in the native M365 environment, moving threats to the junk or deleted items folder just like Microsoft does.

MailGuard 365 is highly recommended to enhance your email defences. Start your POC today!

Non-profit, education and government sector organizations may be eligible for lower pricing. Contact our team at

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