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Improve productivity with an exceptional task and project management tool for Microsoft 365

Experience the true power of Kanban with Virto, a game-changing add-on for Microsoft 365 that revolutionizes your task and project management. Integrate Kanban boards into your Microsoft Teams channels or SharePoint Sites, eliminate the need for constant context switching, and streamline your project management workflow.

Designed for teams of all sizes, Virto Kanban Board offers a range of benefits that cater to different user needs.

  • Effortless Project Management: Seamlessly display Kanban boards on your Microsoft Teams channel tabs or SharePoint Sites, eliminating the need for constant context switching and simplifying project management.
  • Accelerate Project Kick-Off: Use ready-to-use templates to start your new projects in less than 60 seconds.
  • Enable Precise Work Management: Tailor your Kanban boards to suit your team's unique needs by selecting from a variety of templates or designing your own.
  • Enhance Clarity and Prioritization: Redesign your Kanban approach by utilizing swimlanes to group board views by people, projects, or any relevant field.
  • Ensure Continuous Collaboration: Stay productive on all your devices with full access to your Kanban board, ensuring seamless collaboration from anywhere.
  • Facilitate Informed Decision-Making: Showcase your accomplishments with vibrant, insightful charts, providing a clear overview of project milestones.

  • Project Management: Effectively oversee project workflows, assign tasks, set deadlines, and easily track progress.
  • Agile Software Development: Visualize the entire software development process, from planning to deployment, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey.
  • Onboarding: Simplify new hire onboarding with user-friendly steps, fostering a welcoming and organized experience.
  • Recruiting: Streamline the recruitment process using designated columns like "Screening," "Interviewing," and "Offer" to identify and onboard top talent swiftly.
  • Customer Support: Promptly track and resolve support requests, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory customer experience and much more!

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Your data's security is of utmost importance to us. Virto Kanban Board employs robust security measures in compliance with industry standards. For more information, refer to our Data Security FAQ.

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