Chatbot - Meeting Organizer

by Witivio

Chatbots for employees and the digital workplace

Witivio is an innovative solution of virtual assistant to empowered employees.

BtoE chatbots for the digital workplace

Witivio has developed a chatbot who specializes in setting up your meetings : A virtual assistant who is a complement to Outlook, for more reactivity and spontaneity in your calendars. Available on Skype or Teams, all you need to do is contact Dynameet to plan, invite, book and remember each of your meetings. Equipped with a geolocation system, it can also provide you on the digital tools that are around you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the experience of your employees and make your digitalization a success by simplifying access to information and interactivity on your collaborative platforms. Our principal objective is to improve the professional life of your clients.

A simple and complete web platform

Administration, knowledge base, monitoring and learning process come together in a simple and complete administration interface.

What are the benefits?

  • Dynameet is directly connected to Exchange (Office 365) : It will have all the information in your agenda and will propose slots corresponding to your availabilities and those of your colleagues.
  • The chatbot connected to its environment shares tips and good practices, wherever the users are.
  • Dynameet 365 will request the participants of your meeting to gather their opinions.
  • Active Learning: improvements based upon interactions between the bot and users.

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