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DXC Health360 Materials Management

DXC Technology

Integrated solution for tracking and replenishing materials across your healthcare organization.

Today’s growing list of healthcare suppliers, demands for HIPAA compliance, receivables management inefficiencies and rising supply costs require a powerful tool that streamlines the entire supply chain. Our DXC Health360 Materials Management solution built on Dynamics 365 enables healthcare organizations to reduce costs by maintaining optimal inventory levels, reducing overstock and wastage of expiry-dated items. The solution offers powerful automation through requisition management, efficient procurement, fulfillment processes, PAR management and purchasing cycles. Healthcare organizations not only reduce the time spent on purchasing activities, but can track, report and account for supplies across multiple locations/facilities in a centralized company database. The solution also tracks UDI information and prints validated labels for item tracking.

With DXC Health360 Materials Management you can:

  • Keep inventory low while providing the right product at the right time
  • Reduce over supply and stock outs
  • Decrease costs related to overstock and expired materials
  • Boost staff morale and end user confidence
  • Improve patient experiences and care levels