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Clinical Trial Management System - CTMS

Prescriber360 Solutions

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A robust clinical trial management system to simplify and optimize your clinical trial process.

ClinSite360 is a most advanced clinical trial management system (CTMS) built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Supporting multiple studies across various sites can now be achieved with ease using a true cloud-based CTMS.

Prescriber360's robust clinicial trial management system safeguards your clinical trial process by helping you better treat and prevent diseases, while improving lives.

With over twenty years of experience within the life sciences industry and the power of Microsoft at our backs, we will guide you through your digital journey and help you unlock rich data that will empower effective outcomes for the future of your company.

Features - 

  • Site Selection & Start Up
  • Visits and Trip Monitoring
  • Recruitment and Tracking Analysis
  • Risk-Based Monitoring
  • Investigators and Studies Repository
  • Federal Sunshine Reporting Data Capture Interface
  • Financial Planning & Monitoring
  • Built-In Support for Audit Trail and Compliance
  • eTMF, EDC, and Financial Applications Interface

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