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SMART business LLC

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SMART HCM & LMS — is a combination of Dynamics 365 and AI technologies for hiring, managing, learning,​ developing and evaluation of employees.​

HR systems need to talk to each other flawlessly to connect to achieve a functional togetherness.​ While initial HRM covers basic business processes, SMART HCM & LMS is complete solution for efficient human resources management and empowering employees in a more meaningful way.​


  • The cost of attracting and training a new employee exceeds the cost of its retention
  • The company incurs losses for the period of replacement search
  • Understanding the real reasons for the dismissal of employees
  • Lack of reports on the results of assessments and training
  • The need for a history of results by employee​
  • Lack of a single and unified database of employees

  • Streamlined personnel-administration processes​
  • Increased staff engagement​
  • Reduced time spent on evaluation procedures​
  • Reduced delivering time of training​
  • Recurrent feedback​​
  • Staff turnover reduction​
  • Possibility of predicative influence on retention​​

  • Staff recruitment
  • Working with employees​
  • Event management​​
  • E-learning​
  • Skills and competences development
  • Gamification​
  • Employee assessments
  • Product AI features​

  • Native TEAMS Application
  • Web Portal
  • Web Portal Mobile ​​
  • Chat Bot Telegram, TEAMS, Facebook