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Time Track


3.7 (3)

Track Time spent on your projects, increase the productivity of your company

The Time Track Sharepoint tool helps your company to manage productivity by tracking working time of the project teams, and reporting effectively over the real time spent.

It will help you analyzing the gap between the invoiced amount to the clients and the real cost for the company, allowing you to provide more competitive projects.

Start by creating a clients and contacts database, that you can then associate to each project.

Log time on projects, using the Time Sheet control.

New Features:

  • Bug Corrections
  • Improved Time Sheet Control with day details, allowing you to log multiple time registers on the same day for the same project.
  • Team Hierarchy, where you can define the approval responsible of each user.
  • User Hourly Rate, you may also define the user rate, to calculate the costs of the time spent, on reports.
  • Approve Time, you are able to approve the time entries of users that have you set as manager.
  • Custom Report Page, where you can apply multiple cumulative filters

NOTE: This app is bundled with some dummy data (projects, time, clients, etc...), that will help you testing the application, before you can use it on production. When you feel ready to use this app, you can click on "Delete data and Reset homepage" button present on "Help?" page. This procedure will clean all the dummy data on the application, and removes this help page from being the application home page.

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