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PII Data Platform

Rattlehub Digital Ltd

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Use our platform to store and manage your customer PII data, focusing on security and privacy

The platform design is built on 5 key principals. 1) A secure vault which stores the PII data securely in an encrypted repository. 2) The ability to share this data via consent with key people and service providers. 3) Allow customers to engage with their data and be your golden source keeping the data relevant and up to date. 4) Integrations into various sources of data and existing line of business systems creates an environment where data can move between various systems and assist in automatically keeping the customer data up to date. 5) Insights are driven from the data collected which allows organisations to better understand the customers and enable predictive analytics via smart data science algorithms. Businesses which are looking for to be able to leverage big data, analytical models to understand the customers better and grow their wallet share can consume the platform for a quicker execution time and better client profile.