Teams Enabled Communications: 3 Day Implementation


Enhance Company Communications With Microsoft Teams, Viva Connections, Company Communicator & More

Go beyond the Intranet and enhance your company communications across Microsoft Teams and other key experiences with Microsoft Viva, Company Communicator and the right Intranet and corporate communications strategy.

Do you want to bring the Intranet and it's experiences into Microsoft Teams? ○ Viva Connections is a new framework through which you can deliver your intranet. It takes company news feeds, documents and other content from your SharePoint Intranet, and makes this information available inside Microsoft Teams.

Do you want to increase visibility by publishing key information or news to Microsoft Teams or specific users to amplify reach? ○ Teams and SharePoint have rich integration options that enable news and information to be shared and connected to key teams for greater visibility and engagement. ○ Company Communicator helps Intranet and corporate communications owners amplify and target their messaging and key announcements directly to users in Teams, and to targeted Teams and channels. This means important information can appear where your users are and get the urgent visibility they might require.

In this targeted engagement we will work to: ○ Educate Corporate Communications, Marketing & IT teams on capabilities your organization already owns, but hasn't maximized. ○ Discuss key industry trends, patterns and practices with award winning and exceptionally talented communication industry leaders. ○ Demonstrate and map organization needs to Microsoft 365, Viva and Teams app experiences such as Company Communicator for Microsoft Teams. ○ Support or implement Viva Connections experiences as well as Microsoft Company Communicator for Microsoft Teams. ○ Establish a foundation to further evolve your communications strategy based on Teams, SharePoint, Yammer and Microsoft 365 as a platform.

Customized implementation plans are available for purchase.

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