PowerApps Development Services: 3-Wk PoC

GreenData Ventures, LLC

We build data source agnostic Power Apps for your business and resource needs

Our team is working with many enterprises to optimize processes and digitally transform corporate workflows. Whether you need help reimagining existing processes that are currently burdensome for your people or would like to see some examples of what you can do with Power Apps, let us know.

Through Power Apps, we help companies extend their existing systems and build custom interfaces and experiences. Leveraging the secure Microsoft platform, Power Apps enables organizations to develop solutions at a fraction of the time and cost compared to other development methods or tools. GreenData can help you identify, design, build and implement the Power Apps you need across your business.

GreenData can help you develop data architecture plans for your corporate Power Apps and provide integrated reporting and automations to your existing and new Power Apps. All of this while leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform and your current systems.

Our team of business application designers and developers has developed Power Apps for small, mid, and enterprise-sized businesses. Our methodology for creating and delivering high-quality Power Apps involves focusing on human-centered design principles that lead to exceptional user experiences. We have created Power Apps that integrate with HR and ERP systems, re-imagine project management artifact tracking from multiple data sources, and perform organization-wide revenue recognition. If you need to automate a business process or need help brainstorming how you can extend and improve your current tools with Power Apps, our team can help you!

In this PoC we will follow a unique approach leveraging key concepts from the Microsoft Catalyst Methodology. In this 3-week PoC, we will collaborate with you through:

  1. Identification - Understand the business need and engage with business stakeholders to understand the key objectives and the desired results of the project.

  2. Current State Analysis - Evaluate and analyze business processes, spot inefficiencies, and assess alternatives for current tools as well as their perceived value and fit in solving for the identified needs.

  3. Solution Design - Propose and evaluate solutions and compare their impact, priority, and perceived value against the objectives.

  4. Demonstration - Present mockup designs, demonstrations, and walkthroughs of the most optimal solution.

  5. Development & Testing - Develop the solution using Power Apps and conduct unit testing and user acceptance testing (UAT).

  6. Release - Collect user feedback and ensure that the released product is stable and performant and validate that the short and long-term objectives of the development project are being met.

Most Common Low-Code Application Development Use Cases:

• Modernizing and enhancing business processes and functions (ex. Project Management)

• Going paperless

• Extending existing corporate technologies and tools

• Fast production and roll-out of custom business applications

• Replacing InfoPath

• Standardizing and automating business processes

Pricing Information:

Price is based on scope of work.

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