Microsoft Viva Topics: 2-Months Implementation

Signal Alliance

Discover Microsoft Viva Topics to harness collective knowledge and expertise within your organization to foster easy reach to right information and create an ever-growing corporate knowledge base.  

Signal Alliance Consulting can help you envision your desired state with the implementation of Viva Topics part of Microsoft 365 application built on the Microsoft Teams platform - one that encourages greater information growth within your organization's Microsoft 365 platform by bringing knowledge to users seamlessly in collaborative apps they use everyday like Teams, SharePoint, Yammer, Office, etc., and connecting knowledge to subject matter experts within your organization. Our team will work with you to understand your priorities, challenges, and culture to design a solution that meet your needs by:

  • Focusing on building a practice of information collaboration and knowledge management on your Microsoft 365 platform
  • Fostering connection between teams and information with community of experts at core
  • Coaching knowledge managers and topic contributors to easily access and curate content for corporate knowledge base

How Signal Alliance Consulting can help you in your journey: Available services depending on your needs and readiness

1. Planning & Assessment

  • Identify and prioritize Viva Topics scenarios and Knowledge management metrics, high priority topics and source sites to mine for topics.
  • Assess knowledge culture and help build curation model.
  • Plan awareness and role enablement activity and Early Adoption program (EAP).
  • Setup and configure tenant, permissions, topic identification and help kick start topic curation.

2. Implementation

  • Launch awareness campaign and KM role enablement activity.
  • Leverage your already existing Security, compliance and governance on Microsoft 365 to enhance Topics security & privacy.
  • Monitor, report and review impact of topics implementation.
  • Reporting of impact via business value, usage, internal success stories.
  • Identify improvement with feature requests and update launch plans.

3. Measure

  • Expand management of topics across independent business units.
  • Develop broader crowd-sourcing plan for topics and prioritization for curation activities for e.g., impressions and quality scores.
  • Drive adoption and change management initiative to realize the value of your investment in Viva Topics.

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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