nShift Shipping Connector

by Abakion

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Connect to nShift delivery, create waybills, pack boxes and pallets, print labels, track and trace

The nShift Shipping Connector app not only enables you to create waybills and connect to nShift to arrange shipping and get the track & trace information. It also allows you to calculate weight, dimensions, size, and volume as well as tariffs.

The nShift Shipping Connector is a combination of the Shipping Manager app in Business Central and the nShift connector in Microsoft Power Automate.

Main features

  • Create a waybill for each delivery address, and add multiple types of predefines packages (like boxes, pallets or containers) to the waybill.
  • Arrange the pickup from your Business Central which is connected to nShift.
  • Print the label and put on the parcel.
  • The label and the track & trace number is saved on the waybill in Business Central.
  • You may assign a pickup-number to each waybill to bundle a number of waybill into one pick-up.

Main benefits

  • Simple registration of waybills for nShift (and other freight forwarders).
  • Manage orders, parcels, labels, pick-ups and tracking efficiently.

Read all about the Waybill functionality and the nShift integration here.

The nShift-connector is built on the Shipping Manager-foundation, and this means that you can manage all your integrations to freight forwarders in one place. Use one solution for it all.

Getting started

To help you getting started with the Shipping Manager for nShift, we have 19 tutorial videos available on Use Dynamics. You will find similar collections of instructional videos for most of the Abakion Apps. Use Dynamics is your comprehensive learning portal for both Business Central and Abakion Apps.

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Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition.
Supported countries: Denmark
Supported languages: English, Danish

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