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DocuFlow is a document solution that helps you generate and process documents and emails

The DocuFlow document application has a unique combination of features (explained below). These features make sure that tasks such as generating, sending, digitally signing and archiving documents blend together into one smooth-running process.

1) Advanced document and email generator

DocuFlow lets you easily compile documents using predefined copy, with the correct (up-to-date) customer details, and in line with the preconfigured visual identity. They are managed in Microsoft Word. This means no technical knowledge is needed to edit templates, text blocks or visual identity elements.

2) IT landscape integration

DocuFlow integrates all the applications that play a role in the document process: generating, sending, digitally signing and saving/archiving documents and emails. This includes applications such as Dynamics 365 for Sales, CE, Business Central, Microsoft Office, PDF, SharePoint, a digital signing service, or a portal.

3) Document automation

DocuFlow runs document processes entirely or partly in the background, meaning that no manual interventions are needed to generate and process documents and emails.

With DocuFlow, generating and processing documents and emails is a walk in the park. This means:

  • Cost savings in implementing and editing documents.
  • High-quality documents and emails: professional personalized correspondence.
  • No more clicking, tapping and searching for documents.
  • Manual tasks eliminated; greater efficiency.
  • Better security and legal validity of documents.
  • Standardized way of working for all employees.
  • Centralized organization and easy management of document processes.

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