Lanham Outbound Warehouse Request

by Lanham Associates

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OWR drives efficiency by prioritizing the picking and shipping of orders.

Whether you ship from sales orders or need the most sophisticated directed pick warehousing processes, OWR can help you prioritize shipments.

Do you:

  • Have sales orders sent to the warehouse without any prioritization?
  • Allocate and ship low-cost items from sales orders, yet hold a large-dollar sales order that needs one low-cost item?
  • Pick orders in the sequence they came in, rather than by inventory availability and requested delivery date?
  • Create picks for inventory you don’t have?
  • Need to prioritize your top customers’ shipments?
  • Want to assign picks by employee?
  • Need to plan wave picks, zone picks, and combined picks with Advanced Warehousing?

Even with standard ERP tools, optimizing shipments can take hours or days of planning. Inefficient warehouse operations and mismanaged inventory handling are frustrating, create customer satisfaction issues, and are extremely expensive as well.

Lanham’s OWR can help!
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Outbound Warehouse Request offers three Options:

Pick Request Feature - Does not require the use of warehousing software

  • Prioritizes sales orders based on stock availability, revenue, carrier, best customer, and various user defined priorities
  • As picks are created it does a soft allocation of picked items so you don't create picks that can not be fulfilled

Warehouse Integration Feature - Works with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Warehousing or Lanham ACE Warehousing

  • In addition to Pick Request functionality, Warehouse Integration honors the more sophisticated pick functionality
  • Creates critical visibility to the pick process while supporting such functions as Wave Pick and Forward Pick Replenishment

Print Queue Feature - Manages the printing process via a web service integration

  • Eliminates the multiple steps normally used when printing documents from a cloud environment
  • Assigns and prints pick documents to specific printers in the warehouse
  • Supports PDF printing

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Supported Editions

Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany.

Supported Languages

This app is available in English (United States), English (Canada), English (Australia), English (New Zealand), English (United Kingdom), English (Netherlands) and English (Germany).

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