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Information Security made simple in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Xtbc Access Manager enables you to segment all your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users into Job Roles and to manage your access control in a simple and transparent way.

Access Management Center

In your Access Management Center you can authorize and restrict user access to Dynamics 365 Business Central using Job Roles that matches their business roles and responsibilities in the organization.
You can select any Job Role in your Access Manager and start enrolling users to all the Job Roles that equals their business responsibilities.

Key features and benefits

  • Authorize user access to Job Roles that equals their business responsibilities
  • Revoke or change user access to Job Roles
  • Revoke access to BC

Information Security Center

Your Information Security Center enables you to react proactive to any changes of user privileges and system permissions coursed by system updates or app deployments to Business Central. Access Manager detects any changes to all user and Job Role permissions in Business Central and notifies you immediately on security changes to take action on.  The interactive interface in Access Manager allows you to deep-dive into the permission details and to perform the needed security actions.

Key features and benefits

  • Detect all changed to system and app permissions
  • Ensure no user privileges are broken
  • Identify security breaches related to known and hidden users enabled in BC

Information Security Report

The Information Security Report delivers audit-ready reporting. Based on the ISO 27001 standard it enables you to meet ongoing compliancy requirements and to reduce the cost for security audits significantly. The Audit Report detects security and compliance issues including insider abuse policy violations and application availability.

Key features and benefits

  • Provides Senior Management with an information security status based on ISO 27001
  • Reduce cost of security audits significantly
  • Allows to Grow without compromising information security

Free Trial

To get started, simply install Xtbc Access Manager from Microsoft AppSource. When your free trial expires, you are asked to subscribe to Xtbc Access Manager in order to continue using the app.

Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Languages

The app is available in English (United States).

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